How To Get Started

Contact Tukalime

Send us an email or call out phone line and share your details as well as details about your land, in terms of location and size. Also a brief description of your expectations or what you seek to acheive.

Site Visit

We’ll organize a site visit to your farm, and conduct a survey of the area and other factors that we need to give consideration of how best to partner. Soil samples will be collected as well.


A complete report will be reverted to you, with a breakdown of the most favorable crop for the land.

We plan, we plant, you earn

Upon agreement, Tukalime will phase out the whole cycle for the contract. We’ll share the plan, execute the planting and harvest, and depending on the agreement on how to utilize the produce, it will trigger the completion of one cycle.

To kickstart the partnership, simply fill in the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Our Partner